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Going Through Flatiron School

My Workout Tracker Rails App

Continuing on with the theme of fitness, my Rails app is a workout tracker to complement the diet tracker app that I built for my Sinatra project.

Figuring Out Nested Forms

I’m in the middle of building out my rails app, and ran into some issues while building a nested form.

Diet Tracker - Sinatra Portfolio Project

One of the main reasons I began learning to build web applications is to be able to build out the ideas I have for apps. The app which has all of my focus (or will have all of my focus once I graduate Flatiron) is my fitness app.

MVC - Oh Baby

First, I want to say how much I am thoroughly enjoying my path through the Flatiron curriculum. I can’t believe its been over 2 months since I started the program!

Building the CLI Data Gem

Not going to lie, I was pretty nervous when I first opened the lesson for the CLI Data Gem Project. Seems kinda silly, I know, but it’s the first major project in the course, and what I was really thinking about, was its the first program I would be building pretty much on my own, with no instructions or tests! I downloaded the code for the now-playing gem and the worlds-best-restaurants gem and started looking at all the different files. The Gemfile, the .gemspec, it was all pretty overwhelming.